This is a new years tale. Well…more like ten

Okay, I shall now say the imaginary history of fun New Years. If any of these ever happened to you, comment to it!
Oh, and to make things fun, I’ll write them in 2nd person POv
1) you are on a boat. It is rocking to and fro, and you start to get seasick (this one simply can’t be me, I don’t get seasick.) and you run for the bathroom. Only this is one of those bathroom less boats and you end up throwing up on an old lady’s lap. She starts whacking you with her purse and chasing you out to the deck where all the animals are being kept. Hoping for defense against this crazy old lady, you free the,. But instead of charging at her, they charge at you. Lick you. Claw you. Bite you. Step on you. The old lady laughs so you steal her purse and whack her with it. In a daze, she calls the police who arrest you for purse-snatching. They lock you up in a closet, where you celebrate New Years trying to escape by ripping up clothes to foremost a rope to reach the tiny window way up high and hopefully climb out.
2) You play truth or dare with friends. They dare you to eat a flower. You laugh, cuz it is so easy. Except the flower is poisonous and you are rushed to a hospital where a boy at your school proposes to you for marriage and you spit in his eye. Happy New Years!
I have to go now, but I will either edit in or comment in the other stories later


My collage

Okay, so I googled photos that resemble me and put them into a collage. I’ll try to post i here but I don’t know if the picture will actually show…


I am not Jewish, although I do celebrate Hanukah.
A funny video for Hanukah.

For those of you who don’t know, Hanukah celebrates the miracle that happened after the holy temple of Jerusalem was ruined, and the Jews had just enough oil to light the menorah for one night, but it lasted for 8 nights! A miracle!

I’d say more, but I have no time. Gtg


Okay, so. Promised my friend Lily that I would put her site here since she put mine there. . It’s an awesome club and I am part of it. Be sure to join, if you are a girl. Boys better go to the amazons to be tortu– I mean welcomed!

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