Marline and the Doofus -part 1-

There once was a girl named  Marline.

She loved to imagine, despite the fact that someone had to do the imagining for her.

You see, Marline was…a doofus. She could only “imagine” mistakes from her most recent past, and she made a lot of mistakes. But even she knew that this wasn;t really imagining. So she hired a boy  to do it for her.

The boy hated her. He thought she was a klutz. A retarded, obnoxious, stupid, lazy, boring klutz, at that. Of course, it wasn’t her fault, but boys never consider that, do they?

Anyways, the boy only “imagined” things up for her because he was getting paid. A lot.

Oh wait, I haven’t told you his name, have I?

Before I do, let me make something clear: Boys are annoying, stupid jerks. Most of the time. The other times they are just annoying. (Sorry boys, its the truth)

Anyways, his real name was Robert, but dont le that fool you. He told Marline that his name was “The Almighty.”

The Almighty? That’s just weird!

Back to the story.

Anyways, the boy only “imagined” things for the money.

And of course, that made all his imagings about money.

One particular imagination thing was where he told Marline about a story where a king got rich by hiring a cat to do all the talking for him. The money came in because so many people thought it was funny and donated money to see more. It was actually a good story. I guess boys can be inventive, but only when they want to. Which is about never.

I knnow what you  are thinking: Isn’t this story supposed to be about poor Marline, and not some obnoxious boy?

Or are you a boy and taking in great offense at my insults? 😛

Either way, you are probably right: It IS about Marling, and I probably am pushing it with the insults. But I’m not apologizing! 😛


Wow, this one post is taking up a lot of room. I’ll stop now and let the story wait. After all, I have a lot more to write!

But I’ll ccontinue later!

And to prove my point:



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