My latest dream

My latest dream is pretty awesome, though i can see absolutly NO moral, theme, or relationship to rel life. But you’ll find it interesting, i hope.
I was a guinea pig. I was at my friend Stacy’s house. she was a hamster. We were in separate cages. Both were mad of glass and seemed to be 5 feet tall, though it probably was only one.
Stacy’s 3 brothers were in the room. Lucky. THEY were human.
The youngest one, Mark, was tapping on the glass of my cage, singing "There was a farmer, had a dog, and bingo was his name-o!"
If I wasn’t so tiny and helpless, I would have pounded him.
Stacy;s twin brother, Steve, was too busy laughing at Stacy’s bad luck to notice that he was slowly turning into a rabbit.
Stacy’s older brother, Tom, was getting ready to put Steve in my cage if he did turn into a rabbit.
He was NOT going into my cage! Steve was EXACTLY one month older than me (So was Stacy) and I swear, he had a crush on me. And of course, I HATED boys. But this one…was worse. I won’t go into the details now, but do you know where I’m getting at? Yeah, I think it’s gross, too.
As I said, I was NOT letting him go into MY cage. So I switched places with him. I became the rabbit and HE became the guinea pig. Then I hopped away from Tom’s hands.
As I hopped away from them, the room grew longer. Not bigger, but longer. Soon, I was hopping down an endless hallway. There were no doors, no windows. Just marks on the wall, meaningless grafitti. As I ran, (I turned back into human by now) The graffiti grew further apart. The hallway was growing longer! I had to stop this. Then I froze.
I couldn’t move. I couldn’t think. I couldn’t breathe. I could just watch as the corridors grew longer and longer, and deeper and deeper. Then the world turned upside down. It swirled in circles until I was no longer in a hallway, but in a hole. Luckily, I was still; frozen, so i didn’t fall. But I could feel echoes coming through the whole. Some came up, some came down.
The graffiti peeled of the walls and took hideous shapes of monsters that were so creepy, even I was scared. And I don’t scare easy. I wanted to scream, but couldn’t. Then a blinding light pierced through the darkness.
For a moment, I couldn’t see. Then, I was able to barely make out the grafftti forming itself into a new shape. One huge, large shape. At first, I thought it was a snake. Then I blinked my eyes hard. It was a train! The light was…coming out of it?
Oh no. It started to move. In my direction, which was up. Suddenly, I unfroze, but I was still in a hole. The were train tracks on the side of the hole that used to be the floor, and I grabbed onto them and started climbing them like a ladder. Rung after rung, rung after rung, but it was no use. The train was catching up.
Soon, it caught up to me. I jumped of the "ladder" and onto the train, which carried me up, lik and elevater. then trouble started. we were reaching the roof. I would be smashed!
I climbed down into the train. It was a passenger train, although it was empty. Except for one person. Oh no. That person was Steve. He smiled and walked up to me and I slapped him on the head. He fell down, and the force of him hitting the train was enough to make it spin around.
The train came right side up. But now, it was lit, and there were at least a dozen people in there. As I watched, I realized that it was full of…famous people. Movie stars and guitar players and music legends and presidents! Kings and queens and rockers! They all treated me like I was as famous and rich as they were.
Oh dear. Justin Bieber was there, too.
(Sorry, I just HAD to write that down)
Suddenly, the train came to a halt. It started changing shape, until it was a stage. It was a concert in front of a million roaring fans!
The singers were singing, the musicians playing, the actors acting, the royalty bowing…and I had no clue what I was supposed to do. So I just stared at the people in the crowd.
Suddenly, I was IN the crowd, watching all the celebrities bowing. They were already done? No fair! I missed the concert!
I started crying, and soon, it became a flood. The concert hall was filled with salt water now. It greq light, and became the ocean. I swam…and swam…and swam…until I came to a lake.
I swam to the edge of the lake and climbed out. I was at my house in the desert, back when it was still a lake town.
I walked into my house. My mom was in there, laughing. But not friendly laughing. Nervous laughing. My brother came in, and he was laughing too. Not nervous laughing. EVIL laughing. His eyes glowed red and he threw and knife at me. I drew a knife and deflected it. I ran into my room and hid in my bed. That’s where i woke up.


opininions, please?

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