How water came to earth (all 3 of Kiandras tales)

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10 responses to “How water came to earth (all 3 of Kiandras tales)

  1. Story 1:
    As you can guess, the earth was once dry and barren.
    Another land was thriving off of…pickles. They had all sorts of pickles. Large pickles, small pickles,purple pickles, yellow pickles. Smelly pickles, yummy pickles. (is that possible?) long pickles, stubby pickles. They had every pickle imaginable. And all the citizens loved them.
    Earth meanwhile, was new. There were people, but they would die without water. They lived on pickles. And before you say that the pickles shouldn’t have survived without water, these are NEW pickles and NEW people. They would all dehydrate soon.
    Anyways, the people lived on their pickles.
    The old world had a shortage of pickles, while earth had a surplus. So they formed a council and agreed. Pickleplanet and Earth would trade water for pickles.
    Earth only got a few hundred gallons, but it was enough to grow new crops: carrots and cucumbers (even a crop called borashdksics, later to be known as corn). They traded those for more water until all the other planets ran out of water (except Neptune, who has an unlimited supply, of course) and Earth was thriving. Then, one day, Pickleplanet called. (actually, they renamed themselves Pluto) they wanted pickles. But Earth was so rich, they charged a high price. So Pluto ran out of pickles and switched to pomegranates. If you know your Roman mythology, you’ll know the rest!

  2. How many of the word ‘pickle’ mentioned in this story?
    I counted 21. XD
    nice pickle story! It’s funny how our planets were named after Roman gods. XD

  3. Story 2:
    Once upon the time, everyone played Monopoly. EVERYONE. But they didn’t know how to play t right. Everyone lost. There was no winner.
    This made everyone sad.
    They cried. They cried one gallon of tears for every time they lost.
    And they played one game each day. Each game had four players (which meant four losers.)
    Yeah. That made LOTS of water. This salty water formed the oceans.
    Of course, their eyes soon got to be so dry that they couldn’t cry.
    Feeling sad without being able to cry was so terrible that they stopped playing Monopoly altogether.
    They burned their games of Monopoly.
    Except one kid forgot to and buried it instead.
    Eons later, archeologists discovered it and sold it to Hasbro for a profit. And now, we are so smart that we actually know how to play it right.

  4. Story 3:
    As some people know, according to Greek mythology, Gaea and Ouranus once ruled. In this story, this is just before they started having kids.
    The planets didn’t have orbits. They had bounciness.
    Ruling the planets can get boring when there aren’t any living creatures on those planets. So, in their spare time, Gaea and Ouranus would play beach ball. With the planets.
    Now, back then, there were way more than 9 planets. One was called Minerva. (Athena). But one day, they were playing with Minerva, when it suddenly exploded and formed the Asteroid Belt.
    Then they played with Diana (Artemis). Before Diana could explode, it escaped.
    Juno was a planet. A puny planet. It was right next to Jupiter. But then, Jupiter accidentally knocked Juno out of the sky.
    Juno took Vulcan with it.
    Ouranus was getting worried. He was losing his beach balls!
    Gaea didn’t care. She still had earth, her favorite.
    So Ouranus threatened to break earth, too.
    That shook up Gaea. She felt sorry for the planets, too.
    So she ran after them, hoping to bring them back.
    Ouranus was alone. Alone and sad. He started shrinking in size, until he, too, was a planet.
    Gaea came back unsuccessfully. She saw Uranus, her new ball, and used magic to turn him back. He did, but he left the tiny planet behind. It is still named after him today.
    So how did water come to earth? None of this answers the questions?
    Gee, be patient!
    All of the planets had a special life force in them. Uranus did too, until Ouranus left.
    He felt embarrassed that the planet named after him was the weakest.
    So he ran away.
    Gaea didn’t follow.
    But she felt lonely too.
    She shrunk too, until she was a teeny little comet.
    When Ouranus returned, he couldnt see her. She was too tiny.
    He thought she left to go after him.
    He felt ashamed, and decided to go find her a present as an apology for runnning away, and to give it to her when she came back.
    Gaea was so mad. Couldnt he see her?!?! She was right there!
    Ouranus couldnt find any decent gifts except for a water balloon.
    He waited on his planet, until he heard a voice inside his head.
    “You fool! I’m right here!”
    “Gaea, your wife! You idiot! I’ve been here the whole time!”
    Ending 1:
    Ouranus was furious. She hadnt gone after him at all? She didnt care! He threw the water balloon away in frustration. It landed on earth.
    Ending 2:
    Gaea grew to full size. Ouranus was so in shock, he didnt have time to block when she slapped him. She slapped him so many times that the water balloon fell out of his hand and onto earth.


    Pluto was once the largest planet. It was a huge ice ball.
    Pluto=Hades. Remember that.
    Pluto is only allowed on Olympus (which is on Earth) once a year, on the winter solstice.
    What he didnt know was that it was good for him. He thought he was being unwelcomed.
    One summer day, he went to Olympus.
    Pluto the planet is made of ice.
    He melted and melted, until he had the sense to go back home.
    On the winter solstice, it is so cold, he cannot melt.
    Now, Pluto is the smallest planet, because most of it melted away onto earth.

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