Bon appetite!

Here are 4 of the most delicious foods that i have ever invented!

  1. MILKY MICE-vanilla and white chocolate forming a mouse-shaped treat, with coconut sprinkle thingies as fur, and a hunk of cheese in front. Served in a shallow bowl barely filled with milk.
  2. CHOCOLATE JOY-72% dark chocolate molded into a bowl. Bowl is sprinkled with nesquick powder, and inside are Hershey’s kisses after the foil is removed. Melted dark chocolate is drizzled on top, and hardens when cooled.
  3. RAINBOWY FLOWER-Fruit rollups are cut into little petal-shaped pieces. Each piece is a different color (6 pieces total-cherry/watermelon, orange, lemon, lime/sour apple, raspberry, grape) Water is added to water, forming a paste. Yellow food coloring is added to the paste, which seals the "petals" together and forms the center of the flower.
  4. EGYPT’S PYRAMID PIZZA-Cupcake dough is made into three pizza dought things: size large, medium and smal. Each pizza is square shaped and topped with sauce (whipped cream), cheese (sprinkles), pepperoni and other toppings (candies). Each pizza is stacked really high. The large forms a shape like the bottom of a pyramid, the medium is the middle, and the small is the top. Stack each piza to form a pyramid, and enjoy!

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