All about MEOW

Did you think that “meow” is just something I say randomly? Think again!


The characteristic crying sound of a cat.
(of a cat) Make such a sound.
noun.  miaow – mew
verb.  miaow – mew – caterwaul – mewl – waul

Meow Vintage store in Long Beach, CA!Welcome to MEOW vintage clothing store.

I forget what you call this kind of poem, but look!

M ay

E ver

O ther

W inter

I got that online. I have absolutly no clue what it means, but I like it!






Ironically, I’d like to mention that I’m a dog person…

Devoted to funny cat photos


3 responses to “All about MEOW

  1. I luv Icanhascheezburger! peephole spell thengs rowng theyarrr. xD
    I luv ze piktures! Mei-ooowww!!!
    (words spelled wrong on purpose above)

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