Fortune Telling! (part 1)

I went to, and took a peek at the Freshly Pressed. A post about horoscopes caught my eye, so I decided to do a post all about fortune telling! (I know its not the same thing, but horoscopes remind me of fortune)

I went to , which, like the URL suggests, teaches you how to tell fortunes with playing cards. I simplified them into these steps:

1. Get a deck of cards, and remove all the cards numbered 2-6.

2. Shuffle deck.

3. Separate cards into three piles.

Left pile= what was

Middle pile= what is

Right pile= what will be

Depending on the question, combine the cards you pick up into a fortune!

What each card can mean:

Hearts- feelings and emotions

Clubs- communication or paperwork (includes blogging, i think)

Diamonds- Money and prosperity

Spades- Gravity and location (not exactly sure what it means, but I tthink i get it)

Sevens- time

One seven- a day

Two sevens- a week

Three sevens- a month

Four sevens- a year

Eights- Movement and change.

The number of eights chosen tells you how much change is involved

Eight of heart-love

Eight of club- letter or phone call

Eight of diamond- money

Eight of spade- a situation away from where you are now

If you get 2 or more nines, it is a change of mind. the more reds, the easier it will be to handle.

Nine of hearts- wish come true

Nine od clubs- communication with new information

Nine of diamonds- card of surprise

Nine of spades- argument or disagreement

Multiple tens= travel

Ten of hearts- party or entertainment

Ten of clubs- official building

Ten of diamonds- large amount of money

Ten of spades- something will happen in the afternoon

Mulitple jacks- someone you haven’t seen in a while. The more jacks, the longer its been.

Jack of hearts- A stranger or lover (or both)

Jack of clubs- friend

Jack of diamond- Untrustworthy

Jack of spades- Unmarried person

Multiple queens- gossip or spreading information

Queen of hearts- blonde woman

Queen of clubs- brunette woman

Queen of diamonds- fair woman, redheaded woman, or gray haired woman.

Queen of spades- dark woman

Multiple kings- any kind of legal or official document

King of hearts- blonde man

King of clubs- brown haired man

King of diamonds fair man, redheaded man, or gray haired man

King of spades- dark man

Multiple aces- decisions. The more reds, the easier it will be.

Ace of heart right-side-up– at home

Ace of heart upside down-  away from home

Ace of club- communication

Ace of diamond- Gift or a card

Ace of spades- large town or city.

Interesting, huh? I’ll tell you more stuff on fortune-telling soon!


To try it yourself, go to


3 responses to “Fortune Telling! (part 1)

  1. My fortune (I wasnt sure how many cards to draw, but I used 7)
    Queen of hearts
    ten of hearts
    ten of spades
    eight of diamonds
    seven of diamonds
    seven of spades
    Queen of diamonds

    I’m assuming that this means that sometime this week, I shall travel to a party in the afternoon where I will meet a blonde woman and earn some kind of money. Cool!

  2. I love fortune telling! Its so cool and really interesting. Glad you’re gonna get some money lol. Did you know that everyone is a little bit psychic? I think its awesome! In your future… I see… you dancing? Hmm… probably at that party.

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