AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH my fortune came true

Anyone who reads this blog knows that on Sunday, I gave myself a fortune.
This was the fortune:
“Sometime this week, I will travel to a party in the afternoon where I will meet a blonde woman and earn some kind of money.
Well, earlier today, I went to my cousin’s baby shower. They live pretty darn far away, so it is defintily traveling. I left at 1 PM. There, I met a blonde woman, who was a cousin’s girlfriend.
I also got lots of virtual money.
AHHHHHH! It came true! I didn’t realize this until just now.
This is kinda freaky, but cool. Yay!
I’ll try a new fortune again! To test it out and see if the first time was just a coincidence or not.

Here we go:

Queen of Spades
Eight of Hearts
Jack of Diamonds
Jack of Hearts
Nine of Spades
King of Clubs
Seven of Diamonds

In one day, I will meet a dark woman and a brown haired man. One will be a stranger (probably the man) and one will be someone I haven’t seen in a while. A good long while. One or two of them should not be trusted, and because of that, There will be an argument or disagreement

Oh dear.


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