Your true colors

If you are reading this, here is what I want you to do:

1) Log out of WordPress (if you were even logged in)
2)Comment the second letter of your first name, your har color, eye color, a wish for yourself, and a wish for others. 3) I will tell you the true color inside you. 😀

(I learned online a trick for doing this. I’m not sharing the secret :P)

By the way, I want you to log out because if I know who you are, that could change the way I look at you. I need to see people from a specific perceptive 😉


19 responses to “Your true colors

  1. 1. L
    2. Dirty-blond
    3. Hazel
    4. To live as an anime character in an anime world (I love anime)
    5. To have world peace.
    Awesome Kiandra!!!! I’ll be waiting for my answer!

  2. Your inner colors are purple and white
    Positive traits: you are quite unique, usually kind, and rather clever.
    Negative traits: When upset or mistreated, you usually get sarcastic. You occasionally get a big ego *gasp*

    • NO WAY THAT’S EXACTLY LIKE ME! Haha, yes it’s me! Purple is my favorite color and man that is SOO FREAKY AND COOL! EVERYTHING ABOUT THAT IS TRUE even the big ego thing, but don’t worry, its not like I go around talking about how great I am.

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  4. 1) A
    2) Black
    3) Dark Brown
    4) For magic to really exist
    5) For all my friends and family to have good futures
    Can’t wait for my answer 😀

    • This one is a little harder, but here goes Your true colors are forest green and gold. Positive traits: You can be really friendly and social and outgoing and chatty. You are rather unique and special. You also are a deep thinker at times Negative traits: Sometimes you need a break from all around you, breathing space. When this happens, you sort of hide and “remove” yourself from the world. Also, sometimes, your intentions are good, but things…sort of mess up.

  5. 1) E
    2) Blond
    3) Brown
    4) Book characters to come to life so I can see who they really are (weird -__-)
    5) For no one to be bullied in this world
    This sounds very interesting…

    • Your true colors are a light blue and a warm brown. Positive traits: You are rather smart, and very kind, even if others never realize this. Negative traits: You find yourself worrying too much at times. And you are very misunderstood, which often leads to unintentional misbehavior.

  6. Hi Kandra! I’m dolris! I have been seeing you everywhere on other blogs so I found your blog and it’s really cool! I wanna do the color test! So here it goes.
    1. R
    2. Dark brown
    3. Brown
    4. To be apart of the anime show “Soul Eater”
    5. For the economic and political problems in Greece to end! 🙂 (I’m Greek and I have family who live in Greece)
    I can’t wait to find out what my inner color is! I hope it’s purple… I like purple!

    • Your true colors are yellow-orange, and a blue-green (the third color would be a purple, though). Positive traits: You are a very fun person, as your true friends know, and you have a wonderful imagination. You are also clever and witty and if you put your mind to it, you could get out of any bad situation 🙂 Negative traits: You seek perfection in yourself, your life, and in others. You seek a perfect world that you probably dream about some nights. When you try and make things better, they dont always go the way they should, partly because you can get bossy. When you see terrible things, you can get a bit emotional, as well.

      • OMG THAT IS TOTOALLY LIKE ME!!!! I can get bossy at some points and I have the biggest imagination you could ever imagine!!! And I have to admit, I do dream at night the prefect world that I would live and with my friends!!!! And I do get emotional at terrible times. Like this summer, my grandfather was in the hospital, I would cry each night until he finally came home.
        How did you find out?!?!?!?!?!? Tell me your secret, please!!!! I wanna tell my friends there color!!!! Is it a website?!?! At least tell me it’s a website and you don’t need to tell me the nam!. I’ll look it up myself!
        You seem like a really cool person Kiandra. I’m interested in following your blog for now on! See ya later alligator!!

    • Your colors are yellow and white and gold 🙂 Positive traits: You have a good imagination, and are a deep thinker with a good amount of wisdom. You are a usually happy person and can sort out problems. Negative traits: When in a serious situation, or any situation that affects you deeply, you get really bossy and demanding and unfair.

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