Dream Proposals

Okay, before people start arguing, let me explain something:

1. Technically, in real life, I’m not an eternal maiden with awesome water powers, so I still have the right to dream, right? So everyone from the Hunters and Amazons Blog, you better not start babbling on, ‘kay? Besides, it’s not like I’m already in love, so I’m still not breaking any vows 😛
2. This post is GIRLS-ONLY! Then again, I haven’t seen any boys on this site yet anyways.

Okay, thanks. Now on to the post:

Right now, I’m watching a sweet love movie, and a guy is proposing to his love in a sweet way. That got me to thinking about how I want my love(or should I say love-to be) to propose to me. So I’ve posted a few ways.

1. He emails me to watch some news channel at a certain time. He is a reporter on that channel, so I figure he has some big announcment to make, so i watch. Then, he randomly says, “Will you marry me?” then continues reporting like nothing happened. (Please, no references to Monster vs. Aliens)

2. One morning, I’m pouring myself cereal, and then the ring plops out of the milk carton (it’s almost empty, so its impossible for me to miss it). Then, while I’m wondering if my hunch is right, I’m getting the spoon from the drawer that the spoons are in, and there is the question, written in his own handwriting with a picture of us together

3. Let’s say my dog dies. The Christmas after that, he gives me a puppy with a big collar. While I’m thanking him, he invited me outside. Then he tells me to look closely at the collar. There is a ring, and a Sharpied-in messahe: Will you marry me? I say yes, and we kiss under the mistletoe

4. We go on vacation, and head into a submarine. He paid the staff working there to help play this scene. See, the submarine alarm starts ringing, and we appear to be sinking. Then, he tells me to grab my lifejacket. On it are the words, “Will you marry me?” The alarm changes to romantic music, and he gets down on one knee and shows the ring

The fifth on is in Lily’s honor:
5. He bakes a huge donut, shaped and decorated like a weddding ring. The question is written in red frosting.
Hiding in the hole of the donut is the guy, who pops up and shows me the real ring.

Have any dream proposals or am already married and want to share yours? Please, share!

Please share your dream proposal!


2 responses to “Dream Proposals

  1. Haha! DOnut! 😀 My honor! xD Thank you!
    I don’t have a dream proposal. 😛 I really don’t care much.
    Woah, that sounded kinda evil ^… I mean… ahhh… I don’t care how they want to propose… its just…. ok, I should stop typing now. xD

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