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Okay, I seriously don’t knoow if ANY of you have heard of the Gallagher Series, let alone read it, but either way, I finally read the fifth book, and shall now give a brief review of each book 🙂

GG series- Basically, a girl named Cammie (full name-Cameron) Morgan goes to a school for spies. Her mom is the headmistress, and her dad died. Her two best friends are Liz (full name-Elizabeth) Sutton and Bex (full name-Rebecca) Baxter. Cammie is known as the “Chameleon”, and is great with hiding, passageways, and blending in.
The Gallagher Academy for Girls is the spy school, in Rosemond, Virginia. Everyone thinks it is a snob school for rich heiresses, so nobody like the students.

GG1-I’d Tell You I Love You, But The I’d Have to Kill You
Cammie, on a training mission, gets seen by a boy! His name is Josh. She takes this thing seriously, and gets involved with a lot of boy drama. After all, she can’t reveal her identity to him. Meanwhile, Macey, a snooty daughter of a senator joins the school.

GG2-Cross My Heart and Hope To Spy
After the thing with Josh is over (but not forgotten), Cammie and her classmates go on another training mission, where they learn of another spy school…for boys. Later, many of the boys from that school visit and take classes at the Gallagher Academy. Cammie tries to figure out the truth behind this one mysterious guy called Zach. There is some boy drama, but not as much as the first book. This is more spy and adventure like. Josh makes very few appearances

GG3-Don’t Judge a Girl by Her CoverEpub
Macey’s dad is running for vice president, so Cammie goes to one of the campains. There, this terrorist/kidnapping cult attacks Macey, Cammie, and Preston, a boy who’s dad is running for president. Macey and Preston are being protected by the Secret Service, and one of the agents is Cammie’s aunt. In the end, Cammie learns a few shocking secrets that pave the way for the next two books. Very few boy drama/romance, and a lot of adventure/mystery stuff. Josh makes one appearance, and Zach is a regular character, who still is a mystery.

GG4-Only the Good Spy YoungPDFEpub
Josh is practically history, because lots of adventure stuff is going on. But most of Zach’s secrets are revealed, as well as secrets about her coolest teacher, and her dad. But not all are solved. This one has a LOT of suspense, and a crazy cliffhanger ending.

GG5-Out of Sight, Out of Time PDFEpub
Cammie runs away, for reasons made obvious in the fourth book. On her return, she remembers nothing. Very, very frightening secrets are revealed. Lots of adventure, action, suspense, and mystery.

GG6-not out yet, i dont even know the to-be title!!!!!

As you can tell, the series grows from a regular teen-girl novel into a fun, thrilling one.




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Father- Daughter

Who doesn’t love hanging with their dad?
Not you? Oh, that sucks.
Why not spend time with him? I got awesome activities for you chicas and your dads to do 🙂 It’s a great chance to connect with ur family

1) Make pizza. Go buy Boboli’s pizza crust, tomato sause, mozzarella cheese, pepperoni, or whatever toppings you like. You and your dad will have lots of fun designing your own custom pizzas, then smelling it being baked, and tasting your own creations. And besides, you can snack on leftover cheese and pepperoni!

2) Painting bikes. This may sound dumb, but it’s not. Grab your bike, and a can or two of paint, and start getting messy!

3) Lazer tag. SO MUCH FUN! No, seriously. Do it. Who cares if it’ll cost a bit? It is a million of fun!

4) Backyard water park. Go Phineas and Ferb and mess around in ur backyard! You might want to cover the ground if it’ll get muddy, otherwise bring on the hose! If you have a slide, even the cheesy ones on the side of a swing set, make it a water slide! Turn a boat into a pool, and make it rain on yourselves only!

I’ll try and update it soon 🙂

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What kind of Fish are you?

What kind of Fish are you?

Common Fish

You try to be accepted by being neutral to everyone you see. You try to just be liked by everyone and not to show anything that separates you from the crowd. You tend to hang around the dolphins and the goldfish so you feel like you belong in the crowd. This type of fish is generally insecure about themselves. I know it may be hard but maybe some individuallity may do you some good.

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