Mark of Athena,and the House of Hades

The Mark of Athena is out, and I’ve read it! The ending is incredible,and s soon as you read it, you’ll want to know what happens next.

I love the book,and I’m writing my first official fanfiction! Here is the info:


New Story from Kiandrathepineapple,

Title: The House of Hades

Category: Percy Jackson and the Olympians
Character(s): Jason G. & Percy J.

Words: 554
Genre(s): Adventure/Drama
Rating: Rated: K+

Summary: A new prophecy. A new adventure. Hope, faith, sacrifice, peril. How
can the seven of the Great Prophecy unite the two camps together, when they
themselves are torn apart? Two of them are gone, maybe forever. The Roman camp seeks to destroy the Greeks. Peace must be restored. Enemies must unite, or
all will be lost. Do not read if you haven’t read The Mark of Athena.


Please check it out when you are done reading the Mark of Athena!I can email youthe PDF, if you comment and I have time!


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