Chat stuff or whatever

I got bored and hit the button to make a new page but I don’t know what to make it about. So it will be like a chat page. Anyone can introduce a topic, which includes conversations, questions, suggestions, etc. Just go on.


24 responses to “Chat stuff or whatever

    • Well at first in cooking class we were supposed to make master mix (a mix of flour, dry milk, and other stuff). At first my group was supposed to use 2 cups of it for cheese biscuits but the girl in charge of it dumped the entire thing into the bowl so then the guy in charge of cheese put the cheese in it and added the water. After that we realized that only 2 cups of master mix was needed so we had to scoop the wet master mix back into the bag. We tried to get as much of the cheese out as we could but a lot remained. For the next cooking class we had to make oatmeal cookies using the rest of the master mix. That is how the cheese came into the cookies.
      The funniest part was that our cookies turned out to be delicious! When I asked the other groups how their cookies were most of them said that it tasted terrible.
      Word of the wise: Cheese will make cookies yummy.

  1. I am on the phone right now and the oher person is BORING 😛
    Now she’s upset because I read this out loud to her. She says she’s not upset and…she just hung up. Oops. Lol.

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