Percy Jackson meets Harry Potter (extremely funny version)

Okay, so I was looking for Percy Jackson fanfitiction (spelled that wrong, oh well) and I came upon a Harry potter and Percy Jackson crossover. Usually, crossovers/mashups fanfics are just plain old awful, but this honestly was HILARIOUS.
Not accurate. Not decent. But funny. Hehehehehehehe….
So this is the link to it…
You have no need to know Percy Jackson and Harry Potter, just understand this:
1. Percy Jaxkson is son of Poseidon
2. Harry Potter and Ginny and their family are wizards and witches.
3. Harry and Ginny DID end up together so stop saying he should be with Hermione!
4. Avada Kedavra is the Killing Curse
5. Percy is with Annabeth
6. I have no idea what Percy would be doing in Britain but then again, this story makes no sense.
7. Harry, Percy, and Ginny are VERY friendly and NOT suspicious in the books, just so ya know.

Okay, anyone who read those books already knew that, but I had to write it anyway, just…in case

So yeah, click here to read this extremely funny fanfic! don’t fear, it’s short 😉


Three links regarding the Percy Jackson MOVIE

Well, fine, there are more links than that.

Rick Riordan did NOT help with the movie.
He didn’t even see it!
Look at the 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th, and 10th questions

Did you like the movie?

Who SHOULD have acted in the movie:

Want to watch it?
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