Guess what– answers coming soon

You know those photos I posted a while ago, hopinng that someone would guess what they were? Well, sadly only Lily guessed and she got them wrong 😦 (not like i thought anyone could guess them anywats). Well, I’m going to post the answers soon, so don’t worry lol. Just wanted to see if anyone else wanted to guess. Here’s the link:
So guess peoplez! Now! I order you! Or not, lol.



The following changes have been made to thhis blog.

1) New theme. It used to a be a sparkly pink/purple theme, but I feel more comfortable and relaxed with this one. So I switched it!

2) New title. Instead of K~I~A~N~D~R~A, I once again chose something more comfortable and relazed:  .:-Kiandra-:.

3) New slogan, or whatever. “The world of Kiandra…” worked best with the last theme, but not this one.

4) Tags. From now on, I shall really make it an to actually tag my posts. Same on The Amazons and Hunter Blog.